Rémi Niero Winemaker

The Estate

3rd generation of winemakers

Our Story

Domaine Niero has been harvesting the best of Viognier and Syrah on terraced hillsides since 1973, to bring you unique Condrieu and Côte-Rôtie cuvées.

Today, Rémi Niero succeeds his father Robert, who passed on his know-how and passion for viticulture to him from an early age. He himself took over his father-in-law Jean Pinchon’s small vineyard in 1985, planting and working hard in these chaillets to embellish one of the most beautiful landscapes in our shared heritage.

Despite the physical requirements of this terroir, our efforts are rewarded by the authenticity and natural balance of our wines.

Developed throughout its history by Jean, Robert and Rémi, the estate today covers the vineyards of Condrieu, Côte-Rôtie, Saint-Joseph and Crozes-Hermitage, offering you an assortment of cuvées from the finest appellations in the Northern Rhône Valley.

Domaine Niero - Condrieu Côte-Rôtie Saint-Joseph Crozes-Hermitage
Côte-Rotie domaine niero

AOP Condrieu

4 ha of Viognier on the hillsides of Vernon, Chery, Roncharde, Corbery and Vergelas.


AOP Côte-Rôtie

2 ha of Syrah on the hillsides of La Viallière and Bassenon.

condrieu domaine niero

AOP St Joseph

1 ha of fresh, northern rhone style Syrah on a hillside in Saint Pierre de Boeuf.

Saint joseph domaine niero

AOP Crozes-Hermitage

0.6 ha of juicy Syrah on the plain at Beaumont Monteux

domaine niero

Our lands

The soils are essentially composed of primary rocks (gneiss, micaschists, granites) dating from the formation of the Massif-Central.

These very friable soils on steep slopes need to be held back by low walls and chaillets. Part of the vineyard is planted on stile terraces.

Carried by a continental climate with Mediterranean influences, Syrah and Viognier are carefully cultivated on their preferred soils, revealing their finest secrets.

Domaine Niero - Condrieu Côtes Rôtie Saint Joseph Crozes Hermitages

Our expertise

From the vines to the bottle, every effort is made to convey as faithfully as possible the spirit of the terroirs in each of our appellations.

Backed by the Niero family experience and the talent of each team member, we draw on our ancestral know-how and constant curiosity to strive for excellence.

All our cultivation work is done by hand: planting, pruning, wall-building, soil cultivation, tying up, lifting, topping, debudding, harvesting

At the heart of our concerns is the sustainability of our vines and terroirs for future generations.

In the cellar, we care to give birth to cuvées with a bright profile. We vinify gently, limiting intervention and playing with subtle ageing techniques.


The Niero Domaine in Video

We invite you to discover our world through this video presentation of the Domaine.

A Family, for the intergenerational vision of the Niero family in the vineyard.

Terroirs, for the fabulous parcels that make up the Domaine.

Men & Women, for the know-how and energy contributed by all our teams.

Our team

A trio of passionates

Rémi Niero - Domaine Niero

Rémi Niero

Owner & Manager

Jerome Andriot Domaine Niero

Jérôme Andriot

Head winemaker

Adrien Encontre - Domaine Niero

Adrien Encontre

Commerce, Management & Operations

The team during the harvest

L'équipe - Domaine Niero
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We offer a tour of the wine-making process, from harvest to bottle, followed by a tasting of 4 wines.

15 €

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