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Our approach

At a time when ecological commitment is sometimes seen as a mere argument for “green washing”, we feel it’s important not to forget that it’s a sincere commitment and a risk-taking exercise involving a great deal of effort.

People and their environment have always been at the heart of our concerns. We have therefore implemented viticultural techniques that respect our terroir and biodiversity.

This approach, which has been in place for several years now, has enabled us to obtain High Environmental Value certification in 2019.

At the same time, for over 10 years we have been gradually preparing our plots and vines for a transition to healthier growing methods, to protect the environment and ensure the long-term future of our vines and terroirs.

To this end, and to give concrete expression to our efforts, we have taken the path of “Organic Agriculture” certification.
The conversion process takes 3 years. We will be certified “BIO” from the 2025 vintage.

We follow the same path in the cellar during vinification and ageing.

haute valeur environnementale
agriculture biologique
Domaine Niero - Condrieu Côte-Rôtie Saint-Joseph Crozes-Hermitage

Respecting soil life

Entirely hand-worked throughout the year, our vineyards are home to a rich biodiversity that testifies to the good health of our soils and the ecological efficiency of our methods.

As an alternative to conventional treatments, we are experimenting with seedlings. We use sedum, red clover and various legumes. The plants bloom before the vines, occupying the space between the rows. Their role is to retain the soil, maintain freshness, and limit the arrival of weeds competing with the vines. They also provide nitrogen and improve microbial life in the soil.

In spring, we tie with rush, natural and biodegradable.

“The realities of nature exceed our most ambitious dreams. »
Auguste Rodin

CSR approach, corporate social responsability

Our efforts are not limited to the vineyard and the cellar. We work on a daily basis in a more global approach pushing us to question more transversal subjects.



Monitors all of our actions aimed at reducing our impact on the environment



Create shared value, improve working conditions and provide a better experience for all company stakeholders



Respect for human rights and all measures on social equity and improvement of working conditions

Domaine Rémi Niero

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