Vineyard of Saint-Joseph


As a part of the antique vineyard of Vienne, Saint-Joseph was once called « wine of Mauve », as it was located near the village of Mauve on the west-side of the Rhône River.

From the Russian Tsars to Charlemagne, the whole European nobility loved it. Countless convoys of mules crosses the country to supply Paris every month.

During the XVIIe century, the Jesuits of Tournon who owned a slope named « Saint-Joseph » decided to give this name to the whole vineyard. At this this time there was only 90 hectares (~222 acres) over 6 villages.

The vineyard became an « Appellation d’Origine Protégée » (AOP) in 1956.

During the ‘90s, the AOP grew to reach 1200 hectares (~2965 acres) spread over 26 villages. It is comprised of all slopes bordering the west-side of the Rhône River from Chavanay to Tournon, plus 70 kilometers of vineyards to the South.

Topography and climate

The structure and climate of the vineyards of Saint-Joseph are a mix between the AOP of Condrieu in the Northern end and the appellation of Cornas in the Southern part.

The foundation is essentially made of petit granit with terraced slopes orientated towards Southern and South-eastern exposure. The climate is quite similar to that of Condrieu and Côte-Rotie, with an addtional bit of influence from the Mediterranean Sea.

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